Monday, August 24, 2009

32 Week Appointment

So...I totally suck at this blogging thing. Sorry!

I had my 32 week appointment on August 13. My weight stayed the same at this appointment, too. I expressed my concern to the doctor, who said that she was ecstatic that my weight was not going up. She reassured me that I don't have to worry that baby is starving or anything like that, so that made me feel better.

I asked her how far overdue she'd let me go before she'd want to induce and she said that 10 days is the maximum she'd let me go over. I also asked her about internal exams and whether or not she did them and when they'd start. She told me that she doesn't actually do, them unless requested, before 40 weeks. I was happy about that because I have heard way too many stories of women being told "You're ___ cm dilated" and then they get all excited because it makes them think they're having the baby soon when, in reality, they end up sitting around for the next 2-3 weeks waiting for baby to come. I'm trying to keep myself from thinking that the baby will come early, even though I'd really like that, so that I'm not too disappointed if the baby comes late.

Then we listened to the heartbeat and she measured me again. She said that I was measuring big again and wanted to send me down for a growth ultrasound. While I was concerned about still measuring ahead, I was also excited that we'd get to see the baby again. We scheduled the ultrasound for 2:20 that same day.

I watched the screen as the tech did the ultrasound and I could see the dates that he was getting from measuring the baby. They were all in the 34 week range. My biggest concern was that there was an excess of amniotic fluid because I'd heard that that can inhibit the baby from descending into the birth canal and lead to a c-section. But I saw the tech write "AF ok" when he was finished, which I took to mean that the amount of amniotic fluid is okay, but we'll find out our results for sure this Thursday morning. I think the baby's just measuring big...which kind of concerns me because I've told work that I'd stay until 38w5d and I'm worried I'll have to leave earlier than that. Oh well, we'll see, I suppose.


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