About Me

Hi! I'm Devon!

I am the twenty-something wife to Andrew, we were married in August of 2007, and I am the mother of Pierce who was born in October 2009. Prior to becoming a mother I went to college to become a Legal Assistant and worked in the corporate securities department at a medium-sized law firm in downtown Toronto.

I am now a stay at home mom and I consider myself to be fairly crunchy. I follow an Attachment philosophy of parenting, and consider myself a hippie because of my intense regard for the environment and all the animals living on our planet. The only "use once and throw away" items in my home are diapers and wipes and that's because cloth diapers didn't work for us. :(  I don't buy things with too much packaging, and I try to feed Pierce as much organic food as possible. My husband and I eat less organic food, though, purely due to lack of funds.

This blog is a place for me to write about what's going on with my life, like what my son is up to, my struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety, and even mundane things like housework, but I try to keep it light and hope that you will and least smile at what I have to say most of the time.