Thursday, September 30, 2010

I hear babies crying

I'm wondering if my meds are making me worse instead of better.

On Tuesday I had a great day and that was after I hadn't taken my meds for a few days. Not on purpose, I legitimately forgot. Yesterday I took them with my lunch and last night I was feeling pretty sad. It also could've been the events of the day that had me feeling that way, though.

I've also noticed a new symptom of my PPD. I hear babies crying. Like, all the time. Sometimes it's an actual noise that I hear and misinterpret as a baby crying, like my cat meowing or someone outside yelling. Other times there is no noise at all, like when I'm in the shower. It's very unnerving and I'm definitely going to talk to someone about it.


  1. You need to call your doctor right now. Do it now. Auditory sensations is quite a concern. Please, please call right now. I am here if you need me. I am on twitter right now. Please call.