Sunday, August 21, 2011

Menu Planning Monday: August 22 - 28

How did everyone's menu plan go last week? Did you stick to your plan? I find that sometimes when I plan specific meals for specific days I have a difficult time sticking with the plan, but it went really well this week. I really loved being able to decide what I wanted to make for dinner each day knowing that I had everything on hand for a variety of meals.

Another thing that helped me out this time around is that I planned meals for the entire week, not just Monday to Friday.

This is how the week played out for me:

Monday - Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken (Guilt-free) I was a little worried when I used up my guilt free meal on the first day, but Andrew was working & had Tuesday off, (he normally works Tuesday nights as well) so it worked out alright.

Tuesday - Chili & Cheese Macaroni This was delicious - more to come about this recipe on Friday!

Wednesday - We had dinner at Andrew's parents house with his Aunt, Uncle & cousins who we don't get to see very often, but who are my very favourite aunt & uncle in law. We had barbecued pork chops & salads & everything was delicious & then we had a yogurt pie that my mother in law made for dessert.

Thurday - Andrew worked this night, so I was going to just make Pierce & I spaghetti, but there was leftover Chili & Cheese Macaroni, so we shared that instead.

Friday - We went out for dinner at Shoeless Joe's. We shared a plate of calamari as an appetizer & for dinner I had Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine & Andrew had a Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Both were delicious & we had leftovers to eat for lunch the next day.

Saturday - Pierce & I ended up eating at my friend Andrea's house. She has a little girl who is only a week younger than Pierce & they get along really well.

Sunday - Turkey Meatloaf

So yea. Not a lot of eating from the menu plan went on last week. But that's ok because we only ate out once, which is awesome for us.

I have added another category this week as well. Date night. It is explained below with the rest of the categories in case you missed them last week. There are now 8 categories, so I can pick & choose each week.

Meatless - This is pretty self explanatory - a meal containing no meat
Casserole - Any casserole-type dish
Crockpot - Any meal made in the crockpot
Guilt-free - A prepackaged meal on a day when I am tired or don't feel like cooking
From the freezer - A recipe using up an ingredient that is in our freezer
Something new - A brand new recipe! (so if you have a recipe you'd like me to try, let me know!)
Date night - A recipe for a date night in with the hubs after Pierce goes to bed
Wildcard - One of the categories can be repeated if I so choose

Here's what's on the menu for this week:

1. Walking Tacos - These look so delicious, but Pierce won't be able to eat them, so we'll have them one night after he goes to bed. (Date Night)

2. Crockpot Barbecue Chicken - We didn't get to try this last week, so we're trying again for this week. (Crockpot)

3. Spaghetti (Meatless)

4. Shepherd's Pie (From the Freezer)

5. Sweet & Sour Chicken (Something New)

6. Kraft Dinner (Guilt Free)

Ugh...why are there so many days in a week?! I am running out of ideas!

7. Tuna Casserole - I didn't make this last week...(Casserole)

And that's that! Whew!

I definitely need a little more inspiration on the meatless category. I have a feeling we can only do spaghetti once per week for so long before we get bored of it. If you have any recipes you can recommend, please do so!

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  1. OOOOooooo i need to plan menus like this. my week was something like, oh, totinos pizza (C), cereal (C), catfish (A+), nachos (D+), and chipotle (B+). ick!