Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For those of you who don't know what Lent is, here is a Wikipedia article that explains it.

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Lent is a time of fasting, among other things, and many Christians give up a vice during this time.

This year I have chosen to give up eating out completely. No fast food, healthy or unhealthy. No sit down restaurants. No drive-thrus.

This will be particularly difficult for me because I really enjoy eating out. But it will be good for me. For both my wallet and my waistline. We'll see how I do.

Do you give up something for Lent? If so, what?


  1. I responded to your comment on my post then realized you probably wouldn't read it. So, it's there for you to read.

    p.s. I told my IL's I was giving up sex for lent. I'm not sure if they saw the humour in that. lol.

  2. Oh, that's a good one. I should try it. I thought about giving up chocolate, but that lasted about one day.