Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Day!

Today was a very busy day for Pierce and I.

In an effort to get some exercise in, get out of the house, and encourage Pierce to take a nap, I've decided to take up "mall walking." For those of you who have never heard of this, basically you go to the mall really early before the stores open and walk around. It was lots of fun, and although Pierce didn't nap while I walked, he did enjoy looking around at the stores as they passed by. He only got fussy twice. The first time I leaned over while walking to put his soother in and he was fine, the second time the soother only pacified him for a little while, but that was okay because we were leaving shortly anyway. I was there for half an hour and I only did 3 laps around the mall. There is definitely room for improvement.

When I got home from the mall I had to take a shower because I was all sweaty from the walk. I didn't think I'd break a sweat, but I did! Then it was time for Babyville. Babyville is a group for parents and their infants aged 0-12 months to meet and discuss everything related to being a mom and having a baby. It is facilitated by a public health nurse. It was our group's last meeting today, and it was pretty sad for me. This has been something that I've looked forward to every week for the past 7 weeks. I really hope we continue getting together because this is a great group of girls. One of the girls said she'd have us over at her house next week at the same time, so I'm looking forward to that.

Pierce was pretty fussy at Babyville and I had a bit of time to kill before we had our Rainbow Songs class so I drove around a bit and he had a little nap in his car seat. Then it was time to go to our class. This was our first class (it was actually arranged by one of the women in my mommy group, so it was a one time thing and free, which is always nice) and I wasn't sure about how Pierce would handle it because he'd been so fussy earlier and because of his age. Rainbow Songs is a group for babies and their caregivers aged newborn to four years and they're new in my area. We sang a bunch of songs and I helped Pierce do some of the actions and did some of the more complex actions myself. It also incorporated some sign language, which I thought was really cool. I learned the sign for P, Daddy, Rooster, Cat, Cow, Tree and a whole bunch more. Pierce had a great time...I was so surprised! He was smiling, laughing and giggling the entire time. It was great! Luckily there's something like this available at the Ontario Early Years Centre close to me and they run their programs for free. I'm going to try and register us for that so that I don't have to spend the money.

On a completely unrelated note I weighed myself today and the scale is reading a lower number than it has been. Very exciting. The weight I'm at right now is very close to what I weighed in high school. Although I've had a child since then, so my body looks nothing like it did at this weight previously...but it's still my high school weight and I'm still proud of myself. I can't wait to see what my weight will be at the mid-point Biggest Loser weigh-in!

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  1. I honestly thought you learnt the sign for p-diddy for a second there. I had to wonder how useful that would be in future conversations with Pierce.