Friday, March 5, 2010

Transitioning to Crib

We've begun transitioning Pierce to his own bedroom in his crib. This makes me sad and excited at the same time. He turned 5 months earlier this month and I think it's time that he slept on his own. Even though I would love to have him in the bed with us, Mr. B just doesn't feel that it's safe and Pierce sleeps better on his own anyways. I think it's more important that we all sleep well.

Pierce had a late nap yesterday since I couldn't get him to nap at his usual time so he didn't end up going to bed until 6:30 or 7:00! Usually he's more than ready for bed by 5:00. We swaddled him and put him down in his crib, but he was awake and crying within 5 minutes, so we moved him back to our room and he was fine. I have to admit I wasn't too disappointed when it didn't work right away. After I left his room and closed the door I hung out there a little bit and seriously contemplated sleeping on the floor outside his room. I definitely think that giving our children a little bit of independence is more difficult on us than it is on them.

Today I played with him a little bit in his exersaucer and on his play mat and then he decided he'd had enough and sounded like he was ready for a nap. So we swaddled him and Mr. B rocked him and sung him to sleep and placed him in his crib. So far he's been in there for 10 - 15 minutes and he's doing well. Normally I can't get him to sleep during the day unless he's in the swing. There are room darkening curtains in his room so maybe he just needs the darkness to be able to sleep properly. I've noticed that he's been getting up with the sun these past few days, which means he's been getting up earlier and earlier. That may also be why he stayed up so late last night.

I hope this continues going this well. I still need to get a change table for Pierce's room, so we'll be able to do diaper changes in there soon, too, which will make putting him there overnight much easier.


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