Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend to End Women's Cancers

My friend who is doing the Weekend to End Women's Cancers with me came over today to discuss our fundraising efforts. We've decided to hold a Jack & Jill type fundraiser. We'll sell tickets and then people can come play games, drink booze, have some snacks and buy tickets for door prizes. We're going to host a few of those at home parties so that we can use the host dollars to buy items for the door prizes.

I'm very excited about this. Planning these things will give me something to look forward to and work towards. It's nice to have something like that sometimes, you know? Not that being on maternity leave isn't rewarding on its own, of course. I love spending time with my little boy and I am not looking forward to my maternity leave ending. I also have never liked working for a living and I feel like being a Mom is what I was made to do. But it's also nice to have something that is just yours. That you're doing for yourself because you enjoy it, not because someone else wants you to, or because someone is paying you to.

It's funny how when you first have a baby you feel completely overwhelmed, wonder how it's possible that anyone chooses to do this and more importantly, why you chose to do this! But it doesn't take long to get yourself into a groove and realize that you really can do this. Eventually you get to go back to your normal self and you get to do things for yourself, which previously seemed impossible. I think it's important to start to do things for yourself as soon as it is reasonable to do so after you have a baby.

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