Monday, March 1, 2010

We took Pierce to the Hospital this Evening

First, he's fine and it's probably nothing major.

A few days ago I noticed some light red/pink in one of the diapers I pulled out of the diaper pail when I was doing some laundry. I also noticed some red on the inside of a diaper cover in the same load of laundry. It was a poopy diaper so the next time I changed Pierce's diaper I checked his bum to see if he had a hemorrhoid, but I didn't see anything.

I asked Mr. B to keep an eye out in his poopy diapers for anything that looked like blood and today as he was changing Pierce's diaper he noticed a little bit of light red/pink again. There is a walk-in pediatrician at the grocery store near me, so we decided to go, but there was a huge line, (you can't get a pediatrician in this area unless your child is sick) so we decided to go to the hospital instead since we knew it'd be a shorter wait.

The doctor that saw us at the hospital was the same doctor who saw me when I went to the emergency after my c-section incision got infected. He's really nice and it was nice to have someone I'd seen before. I showed him the diaper and he looked at Pierce's bum. He told us that he's not convinced that it's blood and he gave us a kit to use to take some samples. We're to take samples on three different days and then return the kit to the hospital's lab. Our family doctor will have the results about a week after that.

I feel a bit reassured after our visit to the hospital today, but I am still worried about what's going on. If it's not blood, what is it? Hopefully just nothing. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that it's nothing serious.

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