Friday, July 9, 2010


Due to some privacy issues that have recently come to my attention, I have changed the name that appears in my profile to Mrs. B. My husband will also only be referred to hereinafter as Mr. B.

Also, do you LOVE the new look of my blog?! I hope so, because I sure do. It's the work of mompreneur, Becca from Jumping Jax Designs. I love this girl! I placed my order and sent her the answers to her Blog Questionnaire on Friday afternoon and she emailed me back within half an hour to let me know that she was currently working on 7 other blogs, but that she'd be working on my order all weekend long despite having house guests. I got my proofs from her late on Tuesday night when I was up because I was too excited to see my design to sleep just happened to be on the computer. She was so helpful when I didn't quite like some elements of the designs she'd done and she was completely accommodating when I asked her to make specific changes. Her prices are also incredibly reasonable. People, I paid $10 for the header and button she designed for me!

So, seriously, if any of you have been thinking about getting a design for your blog, you NEED to talk to Becca.

Disclaimer: I was not in any way compensated for this review of Jumping Jax Designs. I decided to purchase the service and write about my experience with it here by myself. I did not know Becca before ordering from her.


  1. Thank you so much! I loved doing it & love how it turned out! :)

  2. Love the design and new look! Was it costly? Also, what prompted your privacy concerns? I'm always nosy to know. I was so far into blogging land, I opted for a private blog instead of code names.

  3. Oops, should have read more closely--only $10.

  4. Cara - I was looking on webpages for blog design and found the first name of a popular blogger who the designer had done some work for with some elements of her blog design as well as her last name there.