Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Sad

One of my best friends is moving to Alberta, and I'm so sad!

Her husband has been out of work in this province for a while now. He actually went to Alberta for work a while ago and has only been back for a few months. He worked for part of that time and is now out of work without any prospects, so all three of them (they have an adorable son who is almost 2 years old) are packing up and leaving. Actually, he left on Friday morning and she is just here until the house sells and then they're going as well.

I'm so sad. I know it's what's best for them, but this is such a sucky situation. I'm going to miss her and her son so much. There were so many things coming up that I was looking forward to with her. Pierce's first birthday, her son's second birthday. I can't help but worry that I will never see her again. I know I more than likely will because they both have family in the area.

I'm trying to remain strong for her on this because I know that she's really upset about having to move and she doesn't need me to remind her how much it sucks.

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  1. I am super sad too!!! *hugs* We will talk all the time because I <3 you.