Saturday, December 18, 2010

Confession: I really want to be like June Cleaver

I really do. I want my house to be sparkling clean. I want my kid to never eat processed food. I want to have a hot meal on the table at 6:00 every night. I want to be involved in the community and the school when Pierce is old enough to go. And I want to do all of this while looking completely put together and beautiful.

Is this normal? I can't explain my desire to be this way other than I just want to be a really good wife and mother. I want to be the type of mom who bakes cookies, not buys them. The type of mom whose kids always eat the recommended amount of vegetables, or maybe not eats them, but always has them on their plates. I want to be the kind of wife who doesn't rely on her husband for anything other than to "bring home the bacon," do the manly jobs around the house like take out the garbage, shovel the driveway (when we have one), mow the lawn (when we have one...ugh...stupid condo) and open the jars whose lids are screwed on ridiculously tight.

I mean, I know that this is an unattainable goal. At least, I think it is. Is it? Is there anyone out there who can honestly say that they are a real life June Cleaver? I'm not trying to make fun, I'm honestly asking. If you are her (she?) will you please step forward and tell me a) how you do it; and b) if you ever get any time to yourself or to sleep.

Am I setting myself up for failure?


  1. I want to be her too. But I'm pretty striving for it is making me a little nutty!

  2. June Clever doesn't exist and if someone tells you they are, they are full of shit. I bet June had a bottle of gin tucked into her underwear drawer.
    PS. You should add my button for the confession ;)

  3. There is a post sitting in my drafts super close to this.

    About the bar I set for myself, and how I think that maybe it's too high. The wife/mother I want to be. The sort of house I want to keep, meal maker I want to be, baker I hope to become....but I think that even June Cleaver stuffed toys in the closet before the Mister came home. And yes, Kimberly is right...she totally had a wee flask of gin hidden away.