Monday, October 25, 2010

Boo at the Zoo!

On Saturday morning a friend and I took our kids to Boo at the Zoo. She's moving to Edmonton and she's leaving on Friday so she won't be here for Halloween and we wanted to get some Halloween pictures of our kids together.

I wasn't sure how the day was going to go because Pierce is so young and I didn't know if he'd get much out of it. Austin is 11 months older than Pierce, so I knew he'd have a blast, but it ended up being fun for all four of us! The kids were so cute in their costumes and because they were having a Halloween event they had a bunch of trick or treating stations set up all over the Kids' Zoo.

Here are a few pics of our adventures. Austin dressed up as a dragon and Pierce was, of course, a giraffe!

Here are the boys in their strollers all ready to go into the zoo!

The boys looking at bunny rabbits at the Kids' Zoo. Austin totally swung his leg over and before either of us could get to him (we were two feet away max) he was on the other side of the fence!

Our two hatchlings!

Pierce playing a game at one of the Trick or Treating stations. He was supposed to pull a worm out of the hat, but he was more interested in grabbing his prize!

We ran into another giraffe at the zoo!

But the dragon will always be this giraffe's best friend! (I die at the cuteness of this picture every time I see it. Kristin and I collectively have about 20 shots of this because we were just shooting away non-stop.)

We had to stop and visit the giraffes, of course!

Pierce and Momma taking a walk at the zoo together.

And eventually, since we spent four hours at the zoo and missed nap time, we had a little of this.

Followed by this.


  1. Oh my!!! There is just too much cuteness going on in this post!

  2. Cuuuuute!! He's an ADORABLE giraffe :)

  3. Haha! Isn't that the way it always is. Soo cute! And it looked to be such a great time.