Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pierce lost weight

Pierce had his 12 month check up and immunizations on the 14th and we found out he lost 2oz from when he was 9 months old. The doctor is referring us to a pediatrician to follow his weight for a little while.

I have to admit, I was freaking out while discussing it with the doctor, but I had also been suspecting that he was losing weight. We moved up to size 5 diapers a little while ago and lately I've been wondering if we should switch back to size 4s because the 5s aren't fitting him as snug as I think they should be.

I felt like a horrible mom. I know that the reason he lost weight is because I wasn't feeding him enough. I guess I just didn't know how much I was supposed to be feeding him and since I was feeding him in conjunction with breastfeeding I figured he was getting enough. Obviously that was not the case.

One thing that kind of irked me was that my doctor asked me if I was still breastfeeding and when I told her yes, we were still breastfeeding four times per day, she said that it's possible that there's something wrong with my milk and that's why he wasn't gaining weight. She guessed that it's possible he was getting all his hydration from my milk and that's why he wasn't drinking his homogenized milk which has a lot of fat in it and suggested that I stop breastfeeding. I was a little annoyed at that advice because I know that the World Health Organization as well as Health Canada recommend breastfeeding at least until the child is two years of age. I've decided to just ignore her advice, though, after speaking with some of my twitter friends. :)

So lately I've been making a conscious effort to basically just throw food at him. I've been making him tuna salad sandwiches since he really seems to like tuna and that's pretty much the only meat he'll eat other than chicken. He's been having a big bowl of mixed grains cereal with fruit and some grapes as well as a yogurt in the morning for breakfast. Then I just spread some cheerios on his tray and let him eat as many or as little as he wants while he finishes his milk. He's also had some toast with peanut butter (no allergies here, yay!) and I've steamed a few pieces of broccoli in the microwave for him as well. I guess I should probably just be glad that my kid likes broccoli.

Some other ideas I've had of food for him are English muffin pizzas and quesadillas. I haven't put them into execution yet, though. Mostly because we don't have the stuff to make them around the house and I haven't gone grocery shopping yet.

I'm running out of ideas, though. The kid can't eat tuna salad every day. Well, I suppose he could, but I know I wouldn't want to. So what are your quick and easy kid-friendly meals? I'd prefer something I can make quickly when it is time to feed him, rather than something I have to make in a big batch and then heat up later.

Please share with me, I'm a little freaked out about all of this and would really like some input.

P.S. He didn't handle his immunizations very well. It was the first time they gave them to him in his arms and he wailed. Poor thing!


  1. Firstly, I'd be pissed off at the doctor
    Nextly (not a word?) you are NOT a bad mom! It's hard to judge what they are consuming when they start eating plus not all kids are going to like eating everything. Plus he's more on the move thus consuming more calories! Shame on your doctor for making you feel guilty!
    My son loved eating avocados and I would cut it up and mix it with pasta and olive oil and chunks of cheese, tomatoes and chopped garlic. He loved it!
    Have you tried a high milkfat content yogurt? How about babybel cheese?

  2. Thanks, Kim! I've given him avocados before and he loves them. I usually just cut them up into little squares and then crunch up some cheerios to dust on them so they're easier for him to pick up. Although I love your pasta idea, too! He eats the Danone Minigos. Are they high fat? I haven't thought about babybel cheese, I should try that. I just went out today and got him the stuff to make mini pizzas with so I'll try those for his dinner tonight. Thanks for the suggestions! :)