Friday, June 25, 2010

The earth shook!

I was sitting on the couch on Wednesday afternoon and all of a sudden I felt this weird sensation coming from the couch. At first I thought it was the cat scratching the couch, so I yelled, "George!" but then I heard him meow his, "What!? I'm just lying here minding my own business!" and I looked over at him on the other couch. At that point, my husband yelled down to me from his office, "Why is the whole house shaking?" and it made me realize that it wasn't just the couch, it was the whole house. Then I thought maybe someone in the building's washer load was off balance, but I didn't hear any banging that would come along with a clothes washer shaking the building. By the time we realized it had been an earthquake the shaking had stopped.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in Gracefield, a small town in Quebec where it was measured a 5.0 on the Richter scale. It was felt in southern and western Ontario as well as western Quebec and as far south as Ohio and as far east as Maine. The last time an earthquake of this magnitude was felt in this area was 1998.

Unfortunately, the earthquake was also felt in Pierce's bedroom where he was having a nap and it woke him up!


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