Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Wedding Day

Where to start? Mr. B and I had originally planned to get married on July 27, 2008 in front of our friends and family. We booked a hall, a caterer and a photographer for the day, but we didn't end up using any of them because we eloped.

We had planned a trip to Newfoundland for Mr. B's family reunion and my parents decided to come at the same time because my mom also has family in Newfoundland. The trip was from August 3 - 13, so we decided it would be great to use that as our honeymoon and elope to Niagara Falls the week before we left. We went to the mall to get our rings and a dress for me to wear and we made arrangements to get married at a small chapel on the evening of August 1, which was also our one year anniversary of getting engaged, and we drove down that day. I had made arrangements for us to stay at an expensive hotel in a room overlooking the falls. It was a beautiful room with a beautiful view! I had also made reservations for us at The Keg which was right inside the hotel.

By the time we got to the hotel we were in a rush to make it to the chapel on time. Neither of us were dressed for the ceremony, so we hurried to check in and get up to our room to change. I called the officiant and let him know that we were running a little late and I brought the map up to the hotel room so that Mr. B could look at it and figure out how to get there. I did this because I am useless when it comes to reading a map (this was a real map, not mapquest or google maps) and Mr. B knows this. As we were getting dressed and ready I kept asking him, did you look at the map? Do you know where we're going? and he said he would. Well, he never ended up looking at the map so when we got to the car I asked him to let me drive so that he could read the map and he said no. Fine, I got into the passenger side and off we went. He then started asking me to look at the map and tell him where to go. Again, I cannot read maps, so first I had to find the page that I needed, which easily took me 10 minutes and then I had to find where we were. I was so annoyed that he was doing this. We were already running late, he didn't look at the map like I asked him to and he wouldn't let me drive so that he could look at the map. Eventually he pulled over, looked at the map and got us where we needed to be, but we ended up fighting the entire way to get married. We both think this is hilarious.

The chapel was tiny. All five of us could not have fit inside, and it was a very hot evening, so we stood outside the chapel to get married. (I do have pictures, but they're on my laptop that's broken, so I can't retrieve them, sorry!) The ceremony was short, but sweet. The officiant's wife was one of our witnesses and he brought someone else with him to be another witness.On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Dairy Queen to have ice cream and then we went to The Keg for dinner. Our dinner was delicious and the restaurant overlooked the falls so when the fireworks went off over the falls we were able to see them from our table. It was a beautiful day.

When we got back from our honeymoon my mom decided to throw us a party. She held it at her home and had lots of our friends and family there. She even got us a wedding cake. I wore my wedding dress and got my hair done. Here are some pictures of our party.

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