Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have a confession to make

We started using disposable diapers. There. I said it. And I don't know how I feel about it.

I mean, on one hand, the Bummis prefolds we were using were so easy to use and so much better for the environment. On the other hand, my child has diaper rash and the only thing that will help it is the disposables. Seriously. We can use all the diaper cream we want on his bum (someday he will kill me for writing about his bum on the internet) with the cloth diapers, but the rash doesn't go away. When we put disposable diapers on him we don't need to use diaper cream, the rash goes away.

I'm so conflicted by this decision. I mean, I don't want diapers to be in the landfills when my grandchildren's grandchildren are born, but I don't want my son to have diaper rash, either. We've been using Huggies because we used that brand when we were in the hospital and they were on sale when I went to buy them.

But I've been researching environmentally friendly diaper options and we'll be making the switch when we've used up the Huggies we have.


  1. Which are you going to switch too? I just started trying gdiapers and like them so far!

  2. I was planning on going with Seventh Generation or Nature BabyCare, but I've also been thinking of going with GroBaby, which have cloth outers and can be used with disposable liners.