Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eight Months

Dear Pierce,

I can't believe it's been eight months since you were born. I almost wrote that I can't believe that it's been eight months since we met, but you and I knew each other long before that fateful day in the hospital. I knew I loved you before you were born, and I told you that every day, but I could never have known how much my love for you would grow. We have that special connection that only a mother and child could share. I remember turning to my Mom soon after you were born and saying, "Mom, I just love him so much!" and she said, "I know - just wait until he gets older." Confused, I asked, "Will it lessen?" and she replied, "No, it will grow more." I didn't believe her then. I thought it was impossible to love someone more than how I loved you at that moment. But Pierce, your Grandma was right! I love you more and more each day. Sometimes I scare myself with how much I love you. I remember telling your Poppa that I didn't think I could love someone more than I loved him. I was so wrong, Pierce. And every day that I wake up I think that it can't be possible to love you more than I do that day, but then I wake up the next day.

You make me so proud of you every day. You can sit all by yourself now, and have been able to for some time. You are also showing interest in learning to crawl, although you haven't quite figured that out yet. Sometimes I try to help you figure it out, but other times I just sit there in awe, unable to believe that we are already here. We are already at the point where you are trying to crawl. It makes my heart not only swell with pride, but also sink a little to know that you are slowly becoming independent. But I know that I will always be an important part of your life, and you will always, always be an important part of mine.

Happy eight months, Pierce.



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