Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun at the Fair!

On Saturday a friend of mine called to see if we wanted to go to the spring fair. She had four tickets that her husband had won from the radio, so it was a pretty sweet deal and we couldn't pass it up! Parking is ridiculous during the fair (and so is traffic!) so we parked pretty far away and walked to the fairgrounds. We ended up having a blast! It looked like it was going to rain but it ended up being a very nice day, I was just glad that we put sunscreen on Pierce before taking him out.

Our first stop? The petting zoo! They gave us an ice cream cone filled with food and let us into the goat pen where there were about 20 goats. I was afraid that Pierce would get too scared by being swarmed by the goats so I let Mr. B feed them and Pierce and I stood close. Pierce didn't get scared at all and even "pet" some of the goats. ("Pet" = whacked one in the head, after which I took his hand and showed him how to pet it properly.) The goats were so. freaking. cute, by the way, and I wanted to take one of them home with us.

Then we hit up the rides. There wasn't a lot that Pierce could go on so we did a lot of watching my friend's son, who is 18 months old. I did, however, take him on the carousel which he seemed to like. I was surprised that it went so fast - it was hard to stand there and hold on to him!

We had so much fun, but I have to admit that my knees and ankles are really sore already and I am worried about doing the 60km Weekend to End Women's Cancers in September. If I can't spend a day at the fair without my legs aching then how am I supposed to spend a weekend walking 60km? I think I need to start training sometime soon and maybe a trip to the doctor is in order!


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