Monday, June 7, 2010

I just changed two poopie diapers in a row

in less than an hour.

Pierce hasn't pooped in forever. I guess the broccoli I gave him backed him up a bit? Or maybe it was the bananas that I gave him before the broccoli that did it. Either way, I should've known this was coming.

And as I'm writing this, he just pooped again. Excuse me while I go change the fourth diaper of the day. He's only been awake for two hours.

And I'm back. So anyways, he hasn't pooped in forever. In an attempt to get him to poop I've fed him oatmeal cereal for lunch and apples for dinner for the past two days.

I've never been so relieved to see so much poop in my life.

And now, of course, my bed sheets are in the wash. Because, when you change your baby on your bed and he requires 3 changings in 2 hours, you get a little poop in places where it doesn't belong!


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